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Big Dreams Empowering Love Catholic Woman CEO

When I was a little girl I dreamed about great and glorious things. Big, bright, rich blue skies. Majestic mountains that reached heaven’s door. Kaleidoscope colored flowering gardens. Tender touches of motherly hands. Being a positive influence in other peoples’ lives.

And deep sheer intoxicating love. Oh how great were the stirrings of my heart…until I wised up to the reality of life.

Lyrics of My Heart

I don’t know how your life experiences affected the lyrics of your heart’s song but I can attest to mine. The journey of growing up transformed my heart from expressive joy to deadpan numbness all because of broken humanity. The earliest recollection I have of a broken heart has to do with my Grade 2 teacher, Miss Burnett.

I loved Miss Burnett. She was kind and sweet and had the most beautiful smile. She encouraged me to do my best and was never short of affirming the goodness of my efforts. Grade 2 was going to be my year to blossom and shine until one day it all changed.

I arrived at school to find a substitute teacher standing at the front of the class. The principal came in and told us that Miss Burnett would be away for a couple of weeks. We looked at each other and wondered what could be wrong. The principal continued and said, “When Miss Burnett returns she will be called Mrs. Hardford.”

What! Mrs. Hardford? How could this be? Who would have stolen Miss Burnett’s heart away from me? I was crushed. When Miss Burnett returned I could scarcely believe it. Mrs. Hardford! “What a horrible name!” my childish mind thought.

Even though Mrs. Hardford was probably still kind and encouraging, my 7 year old heart couldn’t see it. All I knew was that Miss Burnett who always loved me was now Mrs. Hardford who loved somebody else.

Lyrics of My Heart Changed

A lie parked itself in my soul … I was not good enough to be loved. The lyrics of my heart changed.

That experience happened 50 years ago and it still brings me to tears today. Since then I’ve had many other negative experiences. Some even more devastating than this one but each one having the same impact – chipping away at my innocent joyful heart desires and teaching me to despair, fear, and distrust others.

More Parked Lies. More Sad Lyrics.

As a mature woman today I’ve been blessed to learn about a different song. A song that speaks to the deepest stirrings of my young and virtuous heart of long ago. A song that has given me life!

This song is the Song of all Songs – a passionate, deep, and abiding love song from God. When we learn this new song we can experience transformation from a broken heart to a heart restored in Jesus Christ.

When we know that God calls us into relationship with Him we can receive from Him the grace that empowers us to live as Godly women, ready to open our hearts to positively influence others through love. Just like Joan of Arc.

What lyrical voice is singing in your heart today? Does it give you life or does it cause your heart to break? Consider listening to the Song of all Songs and find the true reality for your feminine soul.

You are Catholic Woman CEO. Called. Empowered. Opened.

“I am not afraid … I was born to do this.” St Joan of Arc

About Monique Van Berkel

Monique Van Berkel

She has a passion to spread a message of authentic love and life in relationships. She is an Accredited Theology of the Body Speaker through the TOB Institute. Through sharing of her own life experience and knowledge gained through her studies Monique leads people into a deeper appreciation of their humanity and sexuality.

Monique is the Founder and President of Catholic Woman CEO, a lay apostolate committed to helping women reclaim the truth of their feminine nature as God created them to be. She is available as a speaker for your event or organization. Find out more about her speaking topics here.