About Catholic Woman CEO

Monique longs to awaken in the mature woman’s heart a deep desire for something more. She inspires women to reclaim the intrinsic right, given by God, to be women of strength, leadership and life-giving love within their families, workplace, communities, and the church.

At Catholic Woman CEO we help women know they are:

C – called into creation by Desire
E – empowered with strength by Grace
O – opened to give life by Love

When we understand the truth of our feminine call, as designed by God, we can lead lives that truly fulfill the feminine heart. Stand firm in this truth. You are made for so much more!

We are committed to the authentic teachings of Jesus Christ under the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The word Catholic in the name Catholic Woman CEO has been authorized for use by the Most Reverend J. Michael Miller, CSB, Archbishop of Vancouver.

Called | Empowered | Opened

About Monique van Berkel

Monique van BerkelI love to share with women the why and how we are to exist in relationship with others and with God. Through sharing of my own life experiences and knowledge gained through my studies I help women reclaim a deeper appreciation of their humanity and sexuality as woman.

I studied Church teaching about God’s plan for human life and love through the Theology of the Body Institute in Pennsylvania and received from the same institute accreditation as a Theology of the Body Presenter. As a lover of learning, I’m currently enrolled at the Avila Institute for the Spiritual Director Formation Program which will provide me the education to support women in a more intimate setting.

Hard knocks learned in the School of Life provided valuable lessons for me in that I’m able to interweave head and heart knowledge that speaks deeply to women audiences. There’s no sugar coating involved. Just raw, real, and rich stories that resonate with the feminine soul.

Along with my passion to teach and mentor women I’ve served the Church in a variety of leadership roles; fundraising and building committees, educational task forces, children’s religious education and adult faith formation. I currently serve as a Member of the Vancouver Archdiocesan Pastoral Council.

Professionally I’ve worked in the financial services industry, educational system, and charitable organizations. I recently resigned as Director of Operations for a progressive pro-life organization that impacts people’s perception of the gift and value of human life.

I am Catholic Woman CEO. You are, too!

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